Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Property Taxes & Business Tax Loans


1. What does Alamo Home Finance do?

2. Why do I receive advertisements in the mail from Alamo?

3. In what regions does Alamo Home Finance do business?

4. What is a tax lien?

Loan Program

1. Will Alamo be placing a new lien on my property?

2. What types of properties qualify for property tax relief?

3. I owe multiple years of taxes, can I still receive tax relief?

4. Do you require a credit check?

Loan Terms

1. How long is the term of the loan?

2. How much are the closing costs?

3. Are there any out of pocket expenses?

4. What interest rate do you charge?

County Penalties

1. How do I know if I owe property taxes?

2. What will happen if I don't pay my taxes?

3. Will I lose my house if my taxes remain delinquent?

4. What penalites does the county charge for delinquent taxes?

Application Process

1. How does a property tax loan work?

2. Will I qualify for a property tax loan?

3. Can I receive property tax relief for my business property?

4. Can I receive property tax relief if I have an existing mortgage?

Making Payments

1. Will Alamo be servicing my loan?

2. How do I make my monthly payments?

3. Can I pay off my loan early?

4. Will Alamo Home Finance foreclose on my property if I miss a payment?